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South Carolina Workers Comp

Eliminate surprises and never worry again about large lump sum payments  - either up-front or those end of the year balloon payments!

The Pay-As-You-Go Program eliminates large up-front deposits, “best guess” premiums, hassle-filled audits and the dreaded year-end payments.

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TPM has exciting South Carolina Workers Comp and Liability Insurance programs for Brokers and Agents.

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TPM serves small and large businesses across the USA. 

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TPM's  Pay-As-You-Go Program offers a worry-free solution to the traditional management of South Carolina Workers Compensation Insurance.

There are no up-front deposits to get South Carolina work comp coverage. Traditional South Carolina workers compensation policies require a significant up front payment (Sometimes as much as 3 months of premium costs) to get a policy in place. That is why our program is the solution you need!

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Find out now how our cutting edge Pay-As-You-Go Program can cut your South Carolina Workers Compensation and South Carolina Liability Insurance out-of-pocket costs both - upfront and long-term! Get specific "decision making" information now! 

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imageTPM is working with brokers and agents across the nation. We can help you place your clients in need of South Carolina Workers Compensation and Liability Insurance. Our program has extensive training and resources to equip you and your staff to seamlessly move your clients through the underwriting process

Find out now how easy it can be for us to work together to place your clients in virually any state into a program guaranteed to meet their needs.

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